Riyadh season

The play Casanoval – Riyadh Season 2024

The global theater in Riyadh is getting ready to host The play Casanoval starring the artists Hana El Zahed and Ahmed El Saadani.. The play is scheduled to be presented from January 9th to 11th as part of the Riyadh Season events

The play Casanoval

About The play Casanoval

The play Casanoval revolves around a comedic storyline. Hamid is determined to marry his daughter Jojo to his cousin Nofal, a naive engineer with no prior romantic experiences. On the other hand, Shahinur, Hamid’s wife, aims to marry Jojo to her sister’s son, Salvador, a dancer from an aristocratic family who excels in dealing with women. To achieve this, Hamid decides to create a romantic history for Nofal with a famous showgirl to impress Jojo

Tickets : start from 85 SAR

You can book tickets through the WeBook website and application, and the prices are as follows

Starting from:09 – 13 JANUARY 2024 | 08:30 PM

The heroes of The play Casanoval

The heroes of The play Casanoval

The play Casanoval features several artists, including

Hana El Zahed, Ahmed El Saadani, Sami Maghawry, Ahmed El Tahawy, Merna Jameel, Edward, Leila Ezz El Arab, and Mohamed Abdel Rahman, also known as Tota

” Casanoval” marks Saadni’s return to the theater stage after a 13-year absence since his performance in the play “Sokkar Hanem.” The presentation is scheduled to take place at the “Global Theater” in Riyadh

Saadni had previously collaborated with El Zahed in the television series “Seeb Wana Asiib

Terms & Conditions…. The play Casanoval

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