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Ring Of Fire 2024 in Riyadh

Ring Of Fire An epic showdown is on the horizon between two of the world’s greatest boxers, heavyweight champion Tyson Fury and the talented Oleksandr Usyk. The highly anticipated fight is scheduled to take place on May 18, 2024, in Riyadh.

About Ring Of Fire

Ring Of Fire 2024 in Riyadh

starting from Ring Of Fire18 MAY 2024 – 09:00 PM

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Queensberry Promotions has announced that the postponed heavyweight title unification bout between British boxer Tyson Fury and Ukrainian boxer Oleksandr Usyk will take place on May 18, 2024.

“Riyadh season 2024” announced the postponement of the “Ring of Fire” bout after heavyweight champion Tyson Fury suffered an injury above his right eye during his training in Riyadh. Fury is currently receiving the necessary medical care.

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Ring Of Fire

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  1. Each attendee must purchase a separate ticket (adult/child). Children aged 10-14 must be accompanied by an adult with a separate ticket.
  2. Ticket prices are non-refundable.
  3. Reselling tickets outside the webook platform will result in ticket cancellation without refund.
  4. If the event is canceled, postponed, or rescheduled by the organizer, ticket prices will be refunded.
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  6. Re-entry to the venue after leaving is prohibited.
  7. All ticket holders and their belongings may be subject to search upon entry. Prohibited items will be confiscated.
  8. Outside food and beverages are not allowed, but food trucks will be available.
  9. Animals are not allowed.
  10. Professional cameras and video recorders are not permitted.
  11. By attending the event, you consent to being photographed, filmed, or recorded for media use.
  12. Smoking, including e-cigarettes, is strictly prohibited on the premises. Lighters and matches are also prohibited, except in designated smoking areas.
  13. The organizer is not liable for any injury, illness, or death of visitors or loss of personal belongings.
  14. The organizer reserves the right to remove individuals who engage in behavior deemed contrary.
  15. Adherence to the cultural norms and traditions of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia is required.
  16. Complaints must be submitted to “Tarfeeh Portal” within 3 days of the event date. Visit cx.gea.gov.sa for more information