Riyadh season

PFL MENA – fight Riyadh 2024

PFL MENA Reserve your tickets today for the much-anticipated Professional Fighters League (PFL) event in Riyadh on May 10th! Experience the thrill as the world’s fastest-growing and most innovative sports league launches its first season in the MENA region at The Green Halls in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia

About PFL MENA – fight Riyadh

About PFL MENA - fight Riyadh

















starting from PFL MENA10 MAY 2024 – 06:00 PM

Ticket PFL MENA .. From 58 SAR

You can book tickets PFL MENA through the webook website and application

Witness top-tier fighters from the Featherweight and Bantamweight divisions in this historic season opener, following the signature PFL Season format with 2 regular season events, Playoffs, and Finals. Experience the thrill of the Featherweight main event, featuring Saudi Arabia’s Abdullah “The Reaper” Al-Qahtani against Morocco’s Taha Bendaoud. PFL MENA showcases the region’s best fighters, with 6 previous MMA belt winners set to compete.

Don’t miss Saudi Arabia’s first-ever female MMA fighter, Hattan Al Saif, in the SmartCage, along with the return of local hero Malik Basahel. The season runs from May 10th to late November, with 4 fighters earning $100,000 and the prestigious PFL MENA Championship belt. Secure your seats now for an unforgettable night of adrenaline-pumping action!

Terms & Condition PFL MENA – fight Riyadh

PFL MENA - fight Riyadh

By purchasing this ticket, you agree to abide by all the terms and conditions provided by the organizer:

  1. Each attendee must purchase a separate ticket (adult/child).
    • Children aged 10 – 14 years old are allowed with an adult companion holding a separate ticket.
  2. Ticket prices are non-refundable.
  3. Reselling the ticket outside the WeBook platform will result in ticket cancellation without refund.
  4. In the event of cancellation, postponement, or date change by the organizer, the ticket price will be refunded.
  5. The ticket holder is responsible for checking the date, time, location, and age restriction of the event. Early arrival is required, and late entries may be refused without refund.
  6. Re-entry to the venue after leaving is not allowed.
  7. All ticket holders and their belongings may be searched upon entry. Prohibited items will be confiscated.
  8. Outside food and beverages are not allowed; food trucks will be available.
  9. Animals are not allowed.
  10. Professional cameras and video recorders are not permitted.
  11. The ticket holder consents to photographs, video, and audio recordings of themselves being captured and used in media.
  12. Smoking and the use of lighters and matches are strictly prohibited on the premises.
  13. The organizer accepts no liability for injury, illness, death, or loss/damage to personal effects.
  14. The organizer has the right to remove anyone behaving in a manner deemed contrary.
  15. Adherence to public taste rules in line with Saudi Arabian culture, values, and traditions is required.
  16. For complaints, please contact WeBook Customer Care.