Riyadh season

The island of the dolls …Riyadh 2024

The island of the dolls…Fans of the horror genre can immerse themselves in unique experiences during Riyadh Season . If you’re one of them, make sure to live through a chilling night at Zela House or Zela Haunt, where ghosts, zombie characters, and more will haunt you. For added excitement, we invite you to experience the atmosphere of Five Nights at Freddy’s, where you must navigate a realistic maze to escape from Freddy and his friends. If you manage to navigate the maze successfully, you might want to head to Doll Island for an incredibly enjoyable adventure

We invite you to embark on a journey through time with the Mummy Quest experience, where you can engage in an archaeological adventure to uncover the secrets of an ancient tomb. Following that, you can set sail to witness a ship that has been buried for centuries suddenly emerge on the surface of Boulevard World Lake. Here, pirates race to claim a treasure guarded by spirits residing in the ship

If you possess a considerable amount of endurance, take a moment to relax before heading to the Horror Hotel. It’s truly an exciting adventure

The island of the dolls ...Riyadh 2024

About The island of the dolls

Tickets : start from 60 SAR

You can book tickets through the WeBook website and application, and the prices are as follows

Entry tickets to the zone are included with the experience tickets

Starting fromcalendar:2 Nov – Daily 4pm to 12am

Terms & Conditions…. The island of the dolls

By purchasing this ticket, you acknowledge and agree to comply with all terms and conditions, as well as any additional responsible terms, conditions, or restrictions provided by the organizer before or during the event

  • The ticket holder is exclusively responsible for verifying the date, time, location, and age restrictions of the event. Early arrival is mandatory, and the organizer retains the right to deny entry to late arrivals. In such cases, the ticket holder forfeits the right to request a ticket price refund or seek any form of compensation
  • If the event organizer cancels, postpones, or reschedules the date, the ticket price will be refunded
  • The reservation will be considered void if you arrive five minutes late

  • Admittance is permitted for individuals aged 12 years and older

  • By holding this ticket, the ticket holder consents to the capture and utilization of photographs, videos, and audio recordings of themselves for use in printed and electronic media, including the internet, as part of their attendance at the venue
  • Smoking, including the use of e-cigarettes, is strictly prohibited on the premises. Additionally, the use of lighters and matches is prohibited inside the site, except in areas specifically designated for smoking

  • The organizer assumes no responsibility for any bodily injury, illness, or fatality of any visitor (including ticket holders) and/or for the loss of or damage to personal belongings arising out of or in connection with the event

  • All ticket holders and their belongings are subject to search upon entry to the venue. Prohibited and hazardous items will be confiscated. Any items deemed by the organizer or venue security personnel as posing a security risk or having the potential to damage the venue or disrupt the event will be confiscated

    The island of the dolls


    If you’re a fan of horror, explore the island and attempt to free the spirits that have inhabited the deformed dolls, overcoming all the stages of horror on the island