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Snapchat Show – Riyadh season 2024

Snapchat Show… Egyptian actress Amina Khalil makes her debut on the theater stage with the presentation of “Snapchat Show”, which will be showcased at the Mohammed Al Ali Theater in Riyadh, the capital of Saudi Arabia, as part of the Riyadh Season events. The announcement of the play’s premiere on February 12th was made by Turki Al Sheikh, the Chairman of the General Entertainment Authority in Saudi Arabia, through his official account on the “IX” platform

Experience the Snapchat Show at the theater this week featuring Sayed Al-Fil, a renowned merchant. His two fashion-forward daughters, obsessed with trends, constantly challenge him as he endeavors to find them suitable partners. However, when social media, their own tool, backfires on them, a fortuitous meeting with the captivating Snapchat Show becomes their chance for redemption. Join us as we witness Sayed Al-Fil’s clever utilization of the Snapchat Show to transform his daughters’ lives in this entertaining and enlightening story

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Starting from Snapchat Show .. 12 – 16 FEBRUARY 2024 | 08:30 PM

Ticket Prices Snapchat Show .. From 100 SAR

You can book tickets Snapchat Show through the webook website and application

Actress Amina Khalil presents a theatrical work titled “Snapchat” as part of the Riyadh Season events, starring Mustafa Khater and Mohamed Abdelrahman.

The play revolves around two fashion-conscious girls obsessed with trends and deceptive appearances. Their father endeavors to marry them off to respectable men, but he faces difficulties in achieving this goal.

Snapchat Show

Snapchat Show

Joining Amina Khalil in the cast are Mustafa Khater, Mohamed Abdelrahman, Noor Qadri, Ezzat Zein, and Donia Sami. The play “Snapchat” is written by Ahmed El Mallawany and directed by Islam Imam

The storyline of “Snapchat” revolves around a comedic social setting, focusing on the character of the father, “Sayed Al-Fil,” a prominent merchant, and his two daughters who have an excessive love for fashion and a noticeable obsession with deceptive appearances. Despite his persistent efforts to marry them off, all his attempts fail. However, when their father utilizes their own tool, “Snapchat,” they embark on a journey filled with transformations, learning experiences, paradoxes, and intricate details

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