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Prince Night … Riyadh 2024

Prince Night… If you are a fan of the star Majid Al-Muhandis, be ready with the strongest concert in the Riyadh Season 2024, and in the following lines we will provide you with the details of Majid Al-Mohandes concert Riyadh Season on a night called “The Night of the Prince and the Giants”

Majid Al Mohandes concert or as it is called “Prince and Giants Night” will take place on Friday, January 5, 2024, and the gates will open at 7:00 pm

Majid Al Mohandes concert will be held at the Mohammed Abdo Theater in Boulevard City Riyadh

Prince Night

Prince Night

The artist Majid Al-Muhandis revives the most important concert in the Riyadh Season, which is called the Prince and the Giants Night, which will be held within the activities of the Riyadh Season 2024, and will start next Friday, January 5

The concert is organized under the leadership of Maestro Medhat Khamis, and is conducted by Rotana, under the supervision of the Entertainment Authority

You can book tickets through the WeBook website and application, and the prices are as follows

Terms & Conditions Prince Night

Prince Night

By purchasing this ticket, you acknowledge and agree to comply with all the specified terms and conditions. Additionally, you commit to adhering to any responsible terms and conditions or restrictions communicated by the organizer before or during the event. Your acceptance of these conditions ensures a smooth and enjoyable experience for all attendees, contributing to the overall success of the event

  • The ticket holder bears sole responsibility for verifying the date, time, location, and any age restrictions associated with the event. Early arrival is imperative, and the organizer retains the right to deny entry to late arrivals. In such cases, the ticket holder waives the right to request a refund of the ticket price or seek any form of compensation. It is the ticket holder’s responsibility to ensure compliance with all event details and guidelines for a seamless experience
  • Children aged 12 years old and older are allowed to attend the event Prince Night. This age restriction is important for ensuring a suitable and enjoyable experience for attendees, aligning with the event’s policies and potentially considering the nature of the performances or activities involved
  • If a ticket is resold outside of the WeBook platform, it will result in the cancellation of the ticket without any possibility of a refund. This policy is in place to maintain the integrity of the ticketing process and to ensure that transactions are conducted through authorized channels. It emphasizes the importance of adhering to the designated platform for ticket resale to avoid any inconvenience or loss of funds for the ticket holder
  • Every attendee must purchase a separate ticket
  • The organizer assumes no responsibility for any bodily injury, illness, or fatality of any visitor (including ticket holders) and/or for the loss of or damage to personal belongings occurring in connection with the event

  • The use of professional cameras and video recorders is not allowed at the venue

  • By holding the ticket, the ticket holder gives consent for photographs, video, and audio recordings of themselves to be captured and utilized in printed and electronic media, including the internet, as part of their attendance at the venue

  • The organizer reserves the right to eject anyone engaging in behavior deemed contrary, at the discretion of the organizer

  • Smoking, including the use of e-cigarettes, is strictly forbidden on the premises. Additionally, the utilization of lighters and matches is prohibited within the site, except in specifically designated smoking areas

    In conclusion

    You can watch Majid Almohandis’s concert live on the Shahid app. Additionally, after the concert concludes, you can search for “Prince Night” within the app to view the entire performance