Riyadh season

Joe Ashkar concert – Riyadh Season 2024

Joe Ashkar concert…”Join us for an unforgettable night of music and entertainment with the renowned Lebanese singer Joe Ashkar at the Anghami Lab – Boulevard City 1

Get ready to experience an electrifying performance as Joe Ashkar mesmerizes the audience with his dynamic stage presence and infectious energy. Don’t miss this exclusive event where music, glamour, and excitement converge for a night to remember at the heart of Riyadh’s vibrant nightlife scene

Joe Ashkar concert

About Joe Ashkar concert

Gate Opening Time : 9:30 PM

Tickets : start from 275 SAR

Starting from :12 JANUARY 2024 – 11:30 PM

You can book tickets through the WeBook website and application, and the prices are as follows

Joe Ashkar concert in Riyadh Season 2024

About Joe Ashkar concert

Lebanese artist Joe Ashkar is set to perform a musical concert in Saudi Arabia, bringing together fans of contemporary music on January 12th as part of the “RIAD GIGS” nights at the Anghami Lab venue. Ashkar has invited his audience to join him in an evening of music, testing the most enjoyable moments in an enthusiastic youthful atmosphere ignited by the Lebanese artist’s remarkable performance and diverse song selections

It’s worth noting that Joe Ashkar bid farewell to 2023 with a musical event held at a luxurious hotel in Lebanon, specifically in Jounieh

One of Joe Ashkar’s latest works is the song “Raksouna Yalla,” a joyful and energetic track filled with positive vibes, written by Samer Abu Taleb, composed by Amr El Masry, and arranged by Wissam Abdel Moneim

Some of Joe Ashqar  works


Album “Show Forbid” in 2001
Album “What They Said”
Album “King and Sultan”


The song “They said the moon” was filmed in a 2011 music vide
The song “Wenk
The song “Ragtatla
The song “Millie Mili
The song “Ganoush entered
The song “Habiba Albi
The song “Ya Mom” in 2012
The song “Keda Keda
The song “Liar” in 2013

Terms & Conditions…. Joe Ashkar concert

By purchasing this ticket, you acknowledge and agree to comply with all terms and conditions, as well as any additional responsible terms, conditions, or restrictions provided by the organizer before or during the event

  • The allowed age is 18 years and above
  • The management retains the authority to refuse entry or expel any individual without explanation, with compensation equal to the full ticket value.
  • By purchasing the ticket, consent is implied for the use of live photography for media purposes on any or all social media platforms.
  • The organizing party bears no responsibility for any physical injuries sustained by visitors.
  • The management is not liable for the loss or damage of personal belongings belonging to any visitor