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Italian Super Cup Fiorentina vs Napoli – Riyadh season 2024

Italian Super Cup Fiorentina vs Napoli…Prepare for some unforgettable nights in the realm of football…The Italian Super Cup is set to make its return to the Kingdom for the fourth installment, and this time, it will dominate Riyadh at Alawwal Park Stadium
This edition promises intense competition featuring four teams: the champions and runners-up of Serie A, along with the victors of the previous season’s Coppa Italia

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Italian Super Cup Fiorentina vs Napoli

About Italian Super Cup Fiorentina vs Napoli

Starting from 18 JANUARY 2024 – 10:00 PM

The gates open at 7:00 PM

and the matches kick off at 10:00 PM. Don’t miss out

You can book tickets through the WeBook website and application, and the prices are as follows

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Italian Super Cup Fiorentina vs Napoli

The competition is scheduled to take place between January 18 and 22 of the upcoming year, featuring the participation of four clubs: Inter Milan, Napoli, Lazio, and Fiorentina. The matches of the championship will be held at “Al Oul Park” stadium in Riyadh, using a knockout system.

In the first encounter on January 18, Napoli will face Fiorentina, and on January 19, Inter Milan, the defending champions from the previous edition, will go up against Lazio. The winners of these matches will qualify for the final, set to take place on January 22.

This marks the fourth edition hosted by the Kingdom, with the first edition in Jeddah won by Juventus after defeating AC Milan. The second edition in Riyadh was claimed by Lazio, who emerged victorious against Juventus. Similarly, the third edition hosted in the capital saw Inter Milan securing the title after defeating AC Milan