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Foundation Day 2024

The Foundation Day falls on Thursday, February 22, and it’s a wonderful occasion to celebrate the establishment of the first Saudi state and its capital, Diriyah. Diriyah is one of Saudi Arabia’s most important landmarks, blending heritage with modernity. It includes the historic Turaif district, listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site, and the Al-Bujairi Quarter, a new destination for food enthusiasts with a fantastic array of international and local restaurants.

February 22 is the official day to celebrate the unification of the Kingdom, and it’s considered a public holiday for all government, semi-government, and private sectors

Foundation Day

Foundation Day 2024

















Starting from Foundation Day 22 – 23 FEBRUARY 2024 | 05:00 PM

The Foundation Day celebration includes national and cultural events, theatrical performances, and a drone show

The celebrations of Saudi National Day are accompanied by fireworks and festivities that branch out across the kingdom. Every year, the National Day parade highlights the kingdom’s cultural and historical significance. The day is also distinguished by wearing traditional attire as a tribute to the region to which the people belong, under the slogan “Our attire on the day we started”

Foundation Day celebrations in Riyadh

The General Entertainment Authority in Saudi Arabia has announced that Riyadh will host several important events and activities in celebration of the National Day on 1445/2024. These events aim to highlight the ancient and modern achievements of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. The Arabian Peninsula has gone through three founding stages, where there are 10 artistic displays that will be showcased in the sky of Riyadh, accompanied by fireworks and aircraft in what is called the “Light Show” to celebrate the National Day at 9:00 PM at Boulevard World. The visitor’s journey includes several areas

Located in the Journey Path area
Located in the Celebration area
Also, the Gathering area, which includes seating at the Palm Oasis, as well as a platform for displaying various cultural heritage dances, and a henna tent
Adjacent to it are multiple photography areas
Also, the grand finale drone show

Manifestations of the celebration of the Saudi Foundation Day

Foundation Day
Saudi Arabia’s National Day is an official holiday for both the public and private sectors. It is a day marked by various celebrations across the country. Some of the key traditions and practices include

Wearing traditional clothing specific to the historical period, often in the colors of the Saudi national flag
Distribution of traditional sweets, especially to students
Displaying flags, banners, and symbols commemorating Saudi Arabia’s National Day in schools, universities, and public spaces
Featuring images of King Salman, the Crown Prince, and the visual identity associated with the country’s founding

Terms & Conditions… Foundation Day

Foundation Day 2024

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