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If you are looking for Burger restaurants in Riyadh let us introduce you to our delicious list. Riyadh boasts numerous exceptional burgers, but they are not all crafted with the same level of excellence.

The top burger in Riyadh showcases venues that possess a genuine understanding of crafting exceptional burgers.

This category encompasses a wide range of styles and creativity, from those adhering to classic perfection and mastering the golden ratio to outstanding locally established brands and those boldly breaking the rules with successful outcomes.

If you’re curious about the prime burger spot in Riyadh, look no further – check out this recommendation.

Burger restaurants in Riyadh‌


مطاعم برجر في الرياض

It deserves to be among the best Burger restaurants in Riyadh. Discovering excellent burgers in Riyadh, and throughout the entire Kingdom, is a straightforward task. However, determining the absolute best among them is a challenging endeavor.

Whether you prefer beef, chicken, or vegetarian burgers, Section-B stands out as a locally beloved establishment. Originating from Jeddah, this eatery emphasizes that a truly exceptional burger doesn’t require an abundance of toppings. Instead, it can be a beautifully crafted, minimalist creation achieved through top-notch culinary techniques.

The straightforward yet confident menu, combined with the use of the freshest ingredients and continuous incorporation of customer feedback over the years, has resulted in burgers that consistently draw enthusiastic crowds.

Hittin Pr. Turki Alawwal St., Riyadh


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Burger restaurants in Riyadh

While many burger restaurants stick to the conventional formula of buns, patties, and toppings, GUNBUN sets itself apart as more than just your average burger joint in Riyadh. True to its name, GUNBUN represents the “Revolution of BUNS,” showcasing what the establishment . refers to as “burnt dough” enveloping a variety of patties and satisfying fillings. It deserves to be among the best Burger restaurants in Riyadh.

The outcome is a uniquely distinct burger that leaves a lasting impression – and you won’t be forgetting this bun anytime soon. GUNBUN deviates from the typical format but undeniably stands among the very best burgers in Riyadh.

Pure Center


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Nevermind Burgers & Shakes

Burger restaurants in Riyadh

Disregarding all the unnecessary burger frills (apologies, but not really), this restaurant in Al Olaya is dedicated to serving burgers, fries, and milkshakes at fantastic prices, not to mention some of the best Burger restaurants in Riyadh.

The distinctive red foil branding of Nevermind becomes synonymous with this experience.

The interior, adorned with red neon lights, is consistently bustling with a revolving clientele. In case the indoor seating is occupied, venture out to the equally sought-after patio for a view of the nearby Kingdom Centre.

Al Olaya


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Black Tap

Burger restaurants in Riyadh

Originating as a compact 15-seat burger establishment in New York City in 2015, Black Tap has expanded into a global chain with restaurants worldwide. It’s no wonder that Black Tap crafts some of Riyadh’s finest burgers.

The menu offers a variety of succulent burgers, ranging from traditional American options like The Texan (featuring a beef patty with cheddar cheese, crispy onion rings, and mayo) to more imaginative selections inspired by a Philly cheese steak, each as delectable as the other. Enhance your experience by pairing your burger with a CrazyShake for the ultimate indulgence.



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Burger Boutique

Burger restaurants in Riyadh

Prepare for a departure from the ordinary patty and buns at this renowned Al Olaya establishment – rightfully earning its spot on our list of the best burgers in Riyadh.

The menu features exclusively grass-fed, all-organic, and impeccably cooked burgers, such as the Bacon Swiss and the Classic. Additionally, the sliders are perfect for those with smaller appetites or seeking a shareable option.

For the adventurous, the Heat Wave burger with jalapeños, sriracha bacon, and chipotle sauce promises to challenge even the most daring taste buds. Consider yourself warned.

Al Olaya 


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Burger Hunch

Burger restaurants in Riyadh

Looking for an affordable, fast-food option with burgers priced at no more than SAR35? Look no further than Burger Hunch. Although the menu offers only two burger choices – beef and smoky chicken – you can select a single or double patty (always recommended to go double), sandwiched between a beautifully chargrilled bun.

Complete your meal with a side of French fries and the signature Burger Hunch sauce for a budget-friendly lunch that doesn’t compromise on quality. We give it five stars.

Anas Ibn Malik Rd, Al Malqa


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Regal Burger

Burger restaurants in Riyadh

Named “Regal” for a reason, the burgers at this popular Alyasmin destination are truly fit for royalty. Crafted exclusively from rare breed, grass-fed premium beef sourced from Australia, standout options include the Wagyu X featuring 150gm prime Wagyu, Provolone cheese, grilled onions, and fried mushrooms.

For those seeking indulgence, the Truffle burger with caramelized onions and roasted almonds is a must-try. If you’ve had your fill of burgers, the menu also offers special dishes like tacos and loaded fries.

The attention to detail extends beyond the culinary offerings, encompassing the decor and playlists, ensuring a thoroughly enjoyable dining experience from start to finish.

Abu Bakr Street, Alyasmin


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The California Burger

مطاعم برجر في الرياض

The California Burger is not just about serving a great burger; it’s about presenting a great burger with a captivating backstory. Situated in the chic Al Malqa neighborhood, the journey to establish this renowned eatery commenced in 1977.

The objective was to craft a burger inspired by the U.S. state from which it draws its name.

Accomplishing this mission, The California Burger now specializes in ‘old-fashioned’ burgers crafted from fresh, high-quality ingredients, offering a choice of two, three, or four patties. With distinct In-N-Out vibes, it’s no wonder we’re labeling it one of the best Burger restaurants in Riyadh Riyadh.

Anas Ibn Malik Rd, Al Malqa


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Wagyu Burger

مطاعم برجر في الرياض

True to its name, this restaurant in Al Sulimaniyah prioritizes Wagyu in its burger creations, resulting in some of the most opulent meat-filled buns in town.

The signature Wagyu burger boasts cheddar cheese, pickles, and mushroom sauce neatly tucked into a bun containing precisely 150 grams of premium beef. For those seeking a lighter option, the grilled chicken or classic Angus burgers are equally satisfying.

With every bite, it becomes evident why this establishment is among the most popular destinations for the best Burger restaurants in Riyadh.

As Sulimaniyah



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SaltBurger restaurants in Riyadh

Having already established branches at Riyadh Park and U Walk, the excitement was palpable when Salt unveiled its newest venue at Saad Square earlier this year.

Throughout the summer, patrons indulged in the delightful atmosphere of the Salt Fridge Concept’s misty terrace. However, irrespective of the season, Salt remains one of our preferred burger destinations in Riyadh, offering succulent burgers, crispy fries, and inventive ice cream flavors.

If you haven’t sampled the latest creation, the “Retab w Laban,” featuring dates and frozen yogurt, then why hesitate any longer?

Saad Square, Hittin



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