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If you are looking for the best Asian restaurants in Riyadh, we invite you to view the list of restaurants in this article. Prepare your chopsticks for a culinary journey through the top Asian restaurants in Riyadh.

Whether you crave the bold flavors of Thai cuisine or prefer the contemporary delights of Cantonese dishes, the city offers a plethora of options.

From casual and budget-friendly eateries to upscale fine-dining establishments for special occasions, Riyadh’s Asian culinary scene caters to every palate.

The only challenge is deciding which restaurant to visit first. Explore the finest Asian restaurants in Riyadh has to offer.

top 10 Asian restaurants in Riyadh

Asian restaurants in RiyadhHakkasan

Situated near Turaif, those familiar with Hakkasan’s ambiance will immediately recognize the dimly lit interiors adorned with intricate woodwork.

The continuity of this familiar setting extends to the menu, featuring a selection of contemporary Cantonese dishes.

Much like its counterparts around the world, Hakkasan Riyadh remains faithful to its original concept, showcasing standout dishes and the distinctive attention to detail that has earned the brand a global reputation.

Although it joined the Bujairi Terrace venues after their grand opening in December 2022, the fine-dining restaurant has established itself as a noteworthy destination, leaving patrons eagerly anticipating more culinary delights.

Bujairi Terrace, Diriyah, 



Asian restaurants in Riyadh

Arguably the most fashionable dining spot in the city, Billionaire, conceived by Flavio Briatore, made its debut in Riyadh in early 2021.

While patrons can revel in the accompaniment of a live DJ during their meal, the true emphasis should always be on the exceptional fusion of modern Italian and Asian cuisine.

Although it may come with a significant cost, the ultimate bill is more than justified, particularly given the outstanding Asian offerings.

Noteworthy selections encompass the tuna and truffle maki, Korean-style baby chicken, and wagyu beef gyoza.

As Sulimaniyah


Asian restaurants in Riyadh

Whether you opt for a seat beneath the cherry blossoms or within the chic interiors of Yauatcha, get ready to partake in an unforgettable dining experience.

The restaurant located in Mode Mall is not only known for its modern Chinese cuisine but is also considered a destination for its stunning views.

As the sister restaurant to Hakkasan, the resemblance is apparent in the top-notch service and impeccably crafted bites, especially the dim sum-focused offerings. The outdoor terrace stands out as one of the premier spots to appreciate panoramic city views.

All in all, Yauatcha is a venue that satisfies various preferences, so make your way there to share a meal of delectable small plates.

Mode Mall, Al Olaya 


Baan Thai Restaurant

Asian restaurants in Riyadh

Situated in Al Urubah, Baan Thai stands out as one of the area’s most beloved dining establishments, particularly for Thai cuisine enthusiasts.

Excelling in various aspects, this casual Thai restaurant captures attention not only for its traditional décor featuring bamboo woods, paper lanterns, and traditional ornaments but also for its outstanding culinary offerings.

The extensive menu invites patrons to explore a diverse array of Thai dishes, accompanied by a delightful selection of desserts and beverages. With reasonable prices, friendly service, and widespread popularity, Baan Thai earns positive marks in every category – a true success story.

Al Urubah Rd, Umm Al Hamam Al Gharbi


Asian restaurants in Riyadh

Baco, situated in As Sulimaniyah and originating from Jeddah, introduces a unique culinary fusion that combines elements of both Latin American and Asian cuisines.

This lively eatery, bustling with a vibrant atmosphere, lively music, and animated conversations, attracts a diverse crowd throughout the week. At Baco, patrons can expect a delightful mix of bao and taco creations, reflecting the restaurant’s innovative approach.

To fully appreciate the experience, it’s recommended to explore offerings from both culinary regions, with an emphasis on trying the Asian fusion dishes, which stand out as a highlight. The menu conveniently indicates spice levels, ranging from a kick of spice to pretty spicy, ensuring that diners are well-informed and can choose according to their preference.

Additionally, Baco offers a variety of seafood and vegetarian options to cater to different tastes.

As Sulimaniyah



Asian restaurants in Riyadh

Dasha, one of the highly anticipated openings in 2023, successfully combines the pleasures of exceptional Chinese cuisine with the entertainment of karaoke.

This stylish establishment located in The Esplanade guarantees a lively and enjoyable experience every night of the week.

The venue boasts an elegant ambiance, featuring plush sofas, sleek marble accents, and a generous sprinkling of sparkling chandeliers. Private karaoke rooms are available, offering patrons the chance to dine and sing in a more intimate setting, free from stage fright.

Adding to the allure, the menu is curated by renowned chef Akira Back, presenting a modern Chinese culinary experience with dishes such as Peking duck, Australian beef tenderloin, and wood-grilled sea bass.

It’s an irresistible combination that promises a delightful evening of delectable food and entertaining karaoke.

The Esplanade, King Saud University

dasha.ksa @



Asian restaurants in Riyadh

To make a significant impact on As Sulimaniyah’s culinary scene, a restaurant needs three key elements – stylish interiors, exceptional service, and dishes that leave diners raving for months.

Fortunately, Hua.Lan excels in all these aspects, presenting a diverse menu featuring small bites, signature dishes, salads, soups, bao, dim sum, substantial bites, vegetarian options, noodles, and rice.

The vibrant interiors are adorned with colorful velour chairs and rounded sofas, creating a lively atmosphere.

The focus here is on communal dining, encouraging patrons to indulge in sharing various dishes. Prices and portion sizes are reasonable, with many options priced under SAR100 and substantial dishes ranging from SAR150 to SAR200 – a winning combination that resonates well with discerning diners.

As Sulimaniyah


Korean Palace Restaurant

مطاعم آسيوية في الرياض

If you find yourself yearning for the bold flavors of kimchi in Riyadh, you’re in luck with several great options available.

One standout choice for robust renditions of comforting and spicy Korean dishes is the Korean Palace Restaurant in Ar Rahmaniyyah.

Renowned for its signature dish, bibim Nnengmyeon (Korean buckwheat noodles served cold), this establishment offers a menu filled with all the Korean classics.

Whether you’re craving succulent roast duck, sweet and sour beef, flavorful shrimp fried rice, or a tantalizing mixed seafood platter meant to be generously coated in chili sauce, Korean Palace Restaurant has you covered.

Embracing a simple yet effective approach, it’s a go-to destination that never disappoints.

At Takhassusi Branch St, Ar Rahmaniyyah


Long Chim

مطاعم آسيوية في الرياض

The inviting restaurant in Diriyah, Long Chim, aptly translates to “come and taste” in Thai, and we’re eager to indulge in the vibrant and spicy creations crafted by the chefs.

As one of the more laid-back establishments in Bujairi Terrace, Long Chim is the brainchild of Australian chef and restaurateur David Thompson, drawing inspiration from the lively street food and markets of Thailand.

This culinary gem promises a burst of rich and flavorful experiences.

Bujairi Terrace, Diriyah

Thai Thai Seafood Restaurant

مطاعم آسيوية في الرياض

This understated establishment transports diners in Riyadh to the lively streets of Thailand through its authentic dishes and budget-friendly prices.

At Thai Thai Seafood, the focus is clear – offering Thai seafood alongside meat and vegetable dishes meant for sharing among friends.

With a lively and fun atmosphere and friendly staff, it’s an excellent place to explore the flavors of Thailand any night of the week.

The restaurant stands out with its sizzling seafood platters, flavorful crispy orange duck, and the must-try tom yum soup. Don’t forget to capture the Instagrammable Thai pink milk drink that’s bound to garner likes.

Al Imam Al Shafei, Ar Rayyan