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Ahlam Night – Riyadh season 2024

Ahlam Night… The Saudi audience is eagerly watching a special night with the Chess Queen, as the Arab artist Ahlam performs in an exceptional concert as part of the Riyadh Season in its fourth edition

The star Ahlam Al Shamsi continues to reveal her new artistic surprises in 2024, with a series of recent releases and announcements for her audience. Among these releases is her new album, and she recently announced her upcoming concert in Riyadh Season in a special night titled “Chess Queen

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Starting from Ahlam Night  09 FEBRUARY 2024 – 09:00 PM

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Chess Royalty Prepare for an exceptional showcase by the Arab sensation, Ahlam. Entrancing us with her captivating vocals and distinctive emotions, she casts a spell with the most enchanting melodies. Witness this mesmerizing performance on the Abu Bakr Salem stage as part of the Riyadh Season events

Ahlam will grace the stage of Abu Bakr Al-Salim Theater at Boulevard, captivating the audience with her most beautiful songs led by Maestro Amir Abdulmajeed on Friday, February 9, 2024

This marks a distinctive return for Ahlam, who has participated in numerous concerts as part of the Riyadh Season alongside various artists. Now, she takes the spotlight with a solo concert, presenting herself to her Saudi audience

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About Ahlam Night

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Outside food and beverages are prohibited; however, food trucks will be available

Animals are not allowed

Professional cameras and video recorders are not permitted at the venue

The ticket holder agrees to the capture and use of photographs, video, and audio recordings of themselves in printed and electronic media, including the internet, as an attendee at the venue

Smoking, including e-cigarettes, is strictly prohibited on the premises. The use of lighters and matches is also prohibited, except in designated smoking areas

The organizer assumes no responsibility for bodily injury, illness, death, or loss/damage to personal belongings of any visitor (including ticket holders) related to the event

The organizer reserves the right to remove individuals engaging in behavior deemed contrary to the event’s rules


Ahlam Night

A surprise from the artist Ahlam came during the Riyadh Season, a time when she is already reaping the rewards of her latest album, “Al Sayida Al Oula,” created in collaboration with the maestro, Dr. Talal. Ahlam recently released this new musical album, making waves shortly after its launch with widespread acclaim. Some of its tracks, including “Akfey Al Hawa” and “Al Sayida Al Oula,” quickly dominated the trends, marking another chapter of success for Ahlam. These songs join a collection of works by the Emirati star, where she has consistently left an unforgettable mark, receiving admiration for her lyrics and melodies over the past years. Additionally, she has become a constant companion in Ahlam’s musical performances